How to Optimize Your Product Descriptions for Higher Rankings

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By tom.baldridge

Product description copy presents a prime SEO opportunity. With the right keywords and compelling messaging, product descriptions can drive conversions and improve search visibility.

Follow these best practices to optimize your product page content:

Conduct Keyword Research

As with any content, start by identifying relevant target keywords buyers are searching for.

Focus on product benefits, features, use cases and industry terminology. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, Soovle and SEMrush can help uncover niche long tail keywords.

Avoid single generic terms like “shoes”. Target specific product descriptors like “waterproof hiking boots for women”.

Strategically Include Keywords

Naturally work primary and secondary keywords into each product description.

Aim for a keyword density between 1-3%, meaning 1-3% of words match target terms. Avoid awkward over-optimization.

For example:

“The Whisper Ultra 9000 hair dryer uses ionic technology to quickly dry hair while eliminating static and frizz. The powerful 2500 watt AC motor provides up to 60% faster drying time for all hair types.”

Keywords like “hair dryer”, “ionic”, and “frizz” are organically incorporated.

Focus on User Benefits

Readers want to quickly understand what the product does for them. Focus on crafting compelling user benefits and avoiding generic claims.

Bad: This popular electric toothbrush removes plaque.

Good: The patented sonic technology in the HyperSonic toothbrush deeply cleans to remove 20% more plaque for healthier gums.

Paint a picture of what the customer gains from using the product.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

Don’t just describe the product – reveal standout details that convince the shopper it’s better than alternatives.

Elaborate on patents, exclusive features, breakthrough research, limited supplies, or premium materials that make your product special.

Spell out why “only this flashlight’s patented bulb provides 800 lumens of light bright enough to illuminate up a football field.” Unique benefits build value.

Include Specific Technical Details

Along with benefits, incorporate key technical specs like:

  • Size/weight
  • Materials used
  • Power consumption
  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Integrated technologies

Back up claims with concrete measurements, numbers, settings, and dimensions to establish credibility.

Add Images, Videos or Infographics

Visual content brings products to life. Insert images showing the product in use or highlighting key components.

Add how-to videos for complex products. Infographics can compare products or display research.

Scannable visuals increase engagement while breaking up dense text.

Provide Detailed Usage Scenarios

Beyond specs, paint a picture of real-world usage:

“The Metro vacuum’s extendable crevice tool lets you easily clean between sofa cushions, under appliances, and in tight corners throughout your home.”

Helping readers visualize the product in action forms a deeper connection.

Craft a Compelling Call to Action

Your CTA or “buy” button caps off the persuasive product description.

Some examples:

“See why customers love Metro vacuum’s unbeatable suction power.”

“Cut workout recovery time in half with our infrared compression sleeves.”

“Make salon-quality hair effortless with the Infinity hair dryer.”

The CTA motivates customers to convert after consuming all the value above.

Check Keyword Placement and Density

Use a tool like Yoast to confirm your primary keywords appear in the first paragraph, meta description, H2 tags and URL whenever possible. This reinforces page relevance.

Also verify overall keyword density falls between 1-3%. Higher can seem spammy; lower misses opportunities.

Tweak to dial in placement and density for semantic search optimization.

Enhance Product Data with Schema Markup

Finally, add structured data to your product pages for rich results:

<script type="application/ld+json">
    "name":"UltraWarm Heated Jacket",
    "description":"Stay warm in frigid temperatures with our innovative heated jacket providing customizable heat zones, waterproof shell, and 7-hour battery for all-day warmth.",
    "aggregateRating": {
      "@type": "AggregateRating",
      "ratingValue": "4.8",
      "reviewCount": "89"

This structured data improves clickthrough rates by enabling rich product features.

Following these tips will make your product descriptions stand out while seamlessly enhancing discoverability. Compelling descriptions build conversion while strong SEO brings you qualified traffic. Optimize smartly to maximize both.

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